Okay, I did not expect us to publish another new version before the summer holiday, but yet here we are. The amount of changes, additions, enhancements and fixes was too big to leave it lying around till later. Read on to find out about the most prominent highlights of this release. And enjoy the summer. I know I will!

Before we can all go out and enjoy our well deserved summer break, we are happy to bring you a new version of the Fluent UI Blazor library. In this version, we've added some awesome new features to existing components, fixed quite some issues, made 1 (small) breaking change and worked hard to just make the library better overall. Read on to find all the details.

With this release we don't have any new components to present to you. We do however have a nice set of new features, new parameters and fixes. Read on to learn more...

This Easter, you can hunt for new components and updated features instead of eggs. We are happy to present you version 4.6 of the library. In short we've added the following: PullToRefresh, ProfileMenu, Global key capture functionality and Wizard and edit form enhancements. Of course we've also made some other miscellaneous changes and fixes. Read on for the details.