Blazor already supported custom events. With .NET 6, Blazor ads support for custom event arguments and JavaScript initializers. By using these new Blazor functionalities, you can make this a really seamless experience for your component consumers. Let me show you how...

In the beginning of the year I discussed ways you can use Microsoft's Fluent Design System in your Blazor apps. If you are curious about the current state of affairs, read on!

In this part I'll extend the application with some basic data management capabilities. This includes listing all your created data item types, your drawing uploads, showing detailed information and providing you options to delete one or more items from the Azure Maps Creator environment.

If you have read Part 1 of this, you might have wondered why it had such a rather abrupt end and did not show the end result in an actual map. I wasn't deliberately building in a cliff-hanger, but was having some issues with displaying the map. Read on to find out how this was solved.