Hi all,

Just checking in after a good month of onboarding @ Microsoft. If there is one thing I learnt this month, it's that there is a lot more to learn...

It is not just about learning Azure. Learning how Microsoft 'works' and understanding about all the different parts that is Microsoft is a study on it's own. That is if you can keep up with all the TLA's (Three Letter Acronym) they keep throwing at you.

Azure is now such a huge platform that it has grown beyond what one person can comprehend and understand. Now it is 'just' a matter of selecting the topics that I need to learn more about. In the next few weeks I'll be taking some exams to test my knowledge level and then the proof will meet the pudding, I guess. The number one tip I received was to just take the exam. That way you'll quickly learn which areas of expertise you're not an expert in yet. I count on having some area's to study on after that.

After a great bootcamp in Remond with about 325 'also new in role's', I'm going to meet my local team this week. If that is done we will start with slowly (and hopefuly softly) introducing me to our local customer teams. The 'real' work starts then and I think I'll be writing about more technical stuff then.


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