A short post on what's new in this minor version:

  • IMPORTANT Web components script is now included in the library
  • New documentation pages added to demo site
  • Old demo environment no longer updated
  • Icon/Emoji fix for when using Windows authentication

Script change

The hart of this library is formed by the Fluent UI Web Components and the accompanying web-components.min.js file. From now on, the script is included in the library itself and no longer needs to be added to your index.html or _Layout.cshtml. In fact, doing this might lead to unpredictable results.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version please remove the web-components.min.js script from your index.html or _Layout.cshtml file.

We made this change to make certain you'll always get the version of the script that works best with the Blazor components. It also eliminates the risk of having multiple versions of the script being used on a page. On top of all this, it also makes installation of the package in your new projects easier.

Readme and docs updates

The Readme file was getting bigger and bigger. Now that we have our own domain name, it was time to split the Readme file into multiple smaller parts. See the 'More information' section at https://www.fluentui-blazor.net for the documentation on project setup, code setup and Design Tokens.

No cliffhangers...

Also, because of the new domain, we have pushed the older brave-cliff demo environment off the cliff. The site is still up, but updates won't be deployed to that environment anymore. A remark about that has been added to the home page on that URL.

Icon/Emoji fix

An issue has been addressed where the FluentIcon/FluentEmoji components would not render when the site was running under IIS (Express) and Windows Authentication was enabled.


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